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Yvette Eves
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Classes and Courses

Premier Yoga offers a variety of classes and courses. For more details, please telephone or email.

All classes are taught in small groups where everybody can progress at their own pace with individual attention, plenty of tutor feedback and advice.  They are all aimed at beginners and intermediate.

  1. Evening classes are offered every night of the week in various venues in Andover.
  2. Saturday classes: occasional classes giving an opportunity to focus on one or two  specific topics.


  • Yoga CPD training: refresher course for yoga teachers. It is aimed at beginners and more experienced teachers. Students who have only just qualified can practise their teaching techniques as well as honing down their own practice. More experienced teachers will get plenty of opportunity to refresh their teaching as well as try out new teaching techniques.

    Yoga teachers are too often out on their own, without the help/support of any fellow yoga teachers. During this course, there will be ample opportunity for “networking”, for everybody to share their experiences, to discuss their problems, etc. This is a very concentrated course lasting 16 hours.

  • Yoga day: this is an opportunity for students and teachers alike to practise yoga, share experiences and learn more about the philosophy behind it.

    This is a one day course (8 hours). At the end of the course, each participant will be issued with a certificate of attendance.